About me

About Me


Who Am I? I am a sports enthusiast

I founded SightRunning Ljubljana in 2010 with a purpose to offer visitors a unique experience and to have fun at the same time. Some say I am crazy for all kinds of sports; it’s true I spend more money for sport equipment than for my regular outfits, but I wouldn't say all sorts. I can say that I run weekly as I do mountain biking, if there is season I practice snowboarding (Backcountry and on slopes). On Thursday evenings, during winter, we play Basketball. Oh and lately, we are playing volleyball more and more. 
So 5 is that a lot?

Other vise above mentioned sports are not my profession and I use them to stay in shape and to clear my valves. 

I like exploring Slovenias history (which comes in handy when doing Sightrunning). I also like to travel as much as possible.

I was born in Ljubljana and I live in strict Center of Ljubljana. I speak English, Italian and German. However, Sightunning is in English only, since I’m just more fluent in it.

Some of my clinets (which are more like running friends) posted comments about me on Tripadvisor and Facebook. Feel free to read them ;)

Looking forward running with you!!

Miha Deu