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Want to go hiking near Ljubljana?

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My running friends often ask me where to go for a hike around Ljubljana and sometimes also where to go for a hike around Bled or Bohinj lake. Here are a few hints (top ten hikes) where we go with my family.

Hiking around Ljubljana:

Šmarna Gora (Mount Saint Mary) 669m - 2,195 ft high.

This is where we go when we do not have time for longer hike. Its also a place where a lot of locals go for a hike before or after work. On the top you'll find a restaurant and a caffe and nice views of Ljubljana. Hike will take you about 40 minutes. You can go with sneakers but if its after rain its better to have mor compact shoes. It is suitable for smaller kids, there is also a small playground on the top.

How to get to Mount Saint Mary:

By bus: Bus number 8, you exit at bus stop Tacenski Most (google link:

By car: park next to the bus stop above.

Just follow the signs to Šmarna Gora: Link to route: 

Toško Čelo & Katarina nad Ljubljano

Same distance or even closer than Mount Saint Mary you will find Toško Čelo. It's a popular hike on weekends and during weekdays in summer. It will take you 1 hour form the last stop of bus number 5 or 5N in Podutik. On the top there are two huts or restaurants if you like, more authentic one is Lovska Koča (Hunters Hut). There are not much views of Ljubljana during hike but that means less crowded. Path is suitable for kids also. 

If you will take your car you can par a bit higher and skip the asfalt road (500m). Here: 



Rašica is a hill on the western end end of Ljubljana. On the top you will find a observation tower that offers amazing views all around and a hut that is opened weekend and also weekdays during summer. Hike from bus number 6 will take you 1,5h.


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Golovec & Orle restaurant

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Hiking around Bled:

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Hiking around Bohinj:

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