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44 marathons across 44 European countries in 44 consecutive days

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On April 1st 2017 Peter Thompson plans to embark on an epic adventure to attempt to complete 44 marathons across 44 European countries in 44 consecutive days.


This will involve running a marathon within every country in Europe and in doing so he aims to raise some much needed money for two amazing mental health charities, MIND and Holton Lee Livability. Through this challenge Peter also wants to encourage others to be open about mental health and, if comfortable, share their own stories as well as telling his own.

On his web page he says: "Its is a truly shocking and saddening statistic that the biggest killer of men and women my age is suicide. Surely that needs to change. We all face our own issues but wouldn't it be great of everyone was able offer support instead of judgement, advice instead of avoidance, or simply a smile instead of a stare. Donate, reach out and help make a difference."

And with these words we agree, that is why Sight-running Ljubljana team prepared a 42 km route (click) around Ljubljana and will also be joining him on Marathon Number 17 on Monday 17th of April 2017.

We're searching for supporters along the way and sponsors that could help him raise as much as possible.

For more info you can contact us or directly Peter at: 

For a full description of the challenge please visit his web page: 

Or to donate visit: